June 13th: Painting as a team excursion

We bouwen een duurzaam huis met spullen die over zijn

June 13th: Painting as a team excursion

1 juli 2013 English blog 0

Hustle and bustlePainting as a team excursion, Pro Persona (the Dutch branch organization of health care institutions) did it! 40 people came to the House of Plenty and in a couple of hours this small army had taken care of the painting!

Sandra is a Social Psychological Nurse. She co-ordinates the team excursion. “Every year we work out in the morning and do something cultural in the afternoon. This year I wanted to do things differently”, according to Sandra.

Cutbacks forced Sandra to be creative in organizing the yearly team excursion. “Way too expensive. The last couple of years we used our own financial contribution for the team excursion, but this year even that was not possible. Then you have to be creative.” The idea of the team excursion is to do something which requires the team to co-operate. Sandra is active on Twitter and one day she comes across a retweet about the House of Plenty.

“Then I wanted to know more about it and checked the website”, she says enthusiastically. “I liked the project and thought it would be a great idea. A team excursion is all about solidarity and as we in our jobes more and more have to work with the stuff and people that are available, the idea of working with what is available at the House of Plenty fits very well. It’s nice to see how you can work with the stuff you have in a creative way.

Which forms of abundance are you confronted with in your work and life?
This question is familiar to the people who have a share in the House of Plenty project. Sandra does not have to think long about it. “First we ware located on the Tarweweg, in between the concrete buildings. Ten years ago we had to move to the currect location on the Nijmeegsebaan. Many of our (900) clients- and a number of colleagues – had difficulties dealing with this because of bad memories of admissions into the institution. In the meantime this has changed” I give her a questioning look and she explains: “There’s so much greenery, we have lots of space and a good atmosphere and we have a lot of knowledge. People who come to work here, stay here.”

What do you need, what are you looking for? Maybe a reader can help you out?
When she answers this question she gives a serious look: “A change in the way of thinking. People with mental problems are not crazy or weird. I want to get rid of the taboo and make sure that people are open to the mental problems of others. It could happen to all of us.”

Sandra expects that an important step in the development of the health care has already been made. “There are a lot of projects in which people with mental problems get more involved with the community. They are living in neighbourhoods with normal families.” She looks me straight in the eye and comments fiercely: “When an accommodation of the regional institutionliving, working and welfare in protection (RIBW) is opened, there are always objections from people in the neighbourhood. But after a while it all turns out to be better than expected and we only hear notes of optimism.”