Only our memories remain

We bouwen een duurzaam huis met spullen die over zijn

Only our memories remain

20 januari 2014 English blog 0
May 17th, 2012: The birth of the House of Plenty

May 17th, 2012: The birth of the House of Plenty

14 januari 2014

January 14th, 2014

The area where the House of Plenty was located is now clean and empty again, ready to be returned to the municipality.
The terrace of the House has been demolished and the remains of the foundation has been removed.
The adventure of the House of Plenty has now ended. Everything which was still at the location has been removed. It now seems as if nothing has ever happened on the Bemmelse Dijk in Lent. It’s just as it was before.
This is how we should think about everything in the world: “Leave your footprints, take only pictures.” Our footsteps will be washed away at the first flood, when the area will be used for the “Space for the River” project. But the pictures and everything we’ve been through will remain. Our memories will not wash away.