July 11th: Helping Hands of the Week: Karin of the interior team

We bouwen een duurzaam huis met spullen die over zijn

July 11th: Helping Hands of the Week: Karin of the interior team

18 juli 2013 English blog 0

Karin van de Ven workingVan dik houtInterior designer Karin van de Ven is one of the people who has been part of the interior team from the very beginning. Because Karin van de Ben does wonders for our interior team, she is our Hands of the Week.

Karin van de Ven has also decorated the display window of theGroene Hert to promote the House of Plenty. At the moment she is busy with coordinating the interior group and designing and assembling furniture for the House. A couple of items have already been moved to the House of Plenty.

Karin likes to grab a sanding machine or a hammer and just go to work. Come over one day to check out the furniture and to find out how comfortable the stools are. All thanks to Karin and her interior group .

What is your share in the House of Plenty project?b>
Her response is modest: “Together with other people I have designed and produced the interior for the House of Plenty.”

Why do you contribute to the House of Plenty project?
“Het idee ‘een huis van overvloed’ sprak me direct aan! Ik creëer al vele jaren van gebruikt materiaal nieuwe dingen. Vrij recent heb ik mijn opleiding projectarchitectuur afgerond en ik zag dit als een mooie plek om samen met anderen aan een concreet plan te werken. Daarnaast kon ik mijn creativiteit hier volop in kwijt.”

The concept of a ‘house of plenty’ appealed to me straight away! I have years experience in producing new things out of used material. Recently I have completed my training in project architecture and I thought this was a great opportunity to work on a concrete project together with others. Moreover, I could make use of my creativity extensively.”

A creative interior designer

Which forms of abundance are you confronted with in your work and life?
Karin answers this question immediately: “Overal Abundance is everywhere, especially at home: food, clothes, utensils etc. And many undamaged and working products are got rid of at the rubbish dump.”

How are you dealing with abundance now?
Karin laughed: “I wish I was better at throwing stuff away, ha ha! In every object I ‘see’something else. I turn ‘rubbish’ (like broken lampshades and ugly slats of a blind) into new interior accessories such as lamps or a decorative plate.”

Decorative plate by Karin van de Ven

What do you need, what are you looking for? Maybe a reader can help you out?
Karin would love to work for a (large) interior designing company or a collective.” So, if you’ve heard of one or own one yourself, please contact Karin van de Ven.