June 10th: Transplanting grass and Janise Ebbertz

We bouwen een duurzaam huis met spullen die over zijn

June 10th: Transplanting grass and Janise Ebbertz

1 juli 2013 English blog 0

A while ago Janise Ebbertz laid sods of grass on the mound of the House of Plenty. Owing to circumstances she is now the Helping Hands of the Week. Transplanting grass definitely deserves some attention! And so does her terminal project, which will receive attention on the 20th of June. Janise Ebbertz and grass transplantation

Janise is a student of ‘cultural and social education’ (CMV) at the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN). She likes to travel and she has rolled up her sleeves at the house of plenty. A very enthusiastic young woman!

Wat What is your share in the House of Plenty project?
Small jobs (shovelling sand, isolating, grass transplantation, taking apart pallets). Working on the construction of a house is new to me, but it’s a very valuable experience and it’s fun!

Why do you contribute to the House of Plenty project?
It’s a great project! It proves that it’s possible to build a house out of social abundance. That abundance actually exists and that we are able to make something wonderful out of it.

Juul just came up with the idea and a lot of people were enthusiastic about it. And when it’s finished it has a useful purpose. It’s possible! What else do you think is possible? I am very optimistic and it’s wonderful to see people make their dreams come true and at the same time have a social influence, because it can be inspiring and instructive to everyone who is involved in the project.

Janise working on the House of Plenty

When I was at the Waarmakerij for the first time, I was very enthusiastic about the concept and the view of the people. I thought: “Yes, I agree with that. It’s my view as well and here it’s expressed so perfectly and innovative”, which is a great feeling. I love how innovative and creative projects are taking on and how they are implemented in a fabulous way. It’s a special combination of social entrepreneurship, fun and use/social surplus value. Provoking change in a positive way.

Moreover, it has become subject of my thesis. We are researching the success of the House of Plenty (How is it possible that the project has become a success?) and we are trying to find out in what way it can be an inspiration to others.

Which forms of abundance are you confronted with in your work and life?
Elderly people who have a lot of leisure time, classrooms, the living space of someone who is not at home for a while, nice activities and hobbies to share, food and of course lots of stuff (old cellphones, cameras…) which can be useful in other parts of the world. Medicine on the move is an organisation that transports stuff to Ghana.

How are you dealing with abundance now?
I have nice part time jobs and jobs as a volunteer where I share my leisure time.
I am a travel guide for people with mental handicaps and I do teambuilding trainings in an adventure park (High Ropes Course) and in Barretstown (Ireland). I also guide them on an annual skiing trip. I guide children and adolescents who are ill, because it is meaningful and fun.

And concerning share economy:

I take part in couchsurfing, organise activities in my neighborhood (entrance to the climbing tree) and I like reusing stuff and using stuff creatively (furniture, exchanging clothes).

What do you need, what are you looking for? Maybe a reader can help you out?
I’ll have to think about that. It would be great to build ‘Houses of Plenty’ in places where there is no abundance. With all the abundance we have here…especially food and water. An equitable distribution of everything is a complex subject matter.