Meanwhile at our furniture makers…

We bouwen een duurzaam huis met spullen die over zijn

Meanwhile at our furniture makers…

28 februari 2013 English blog 0

The furniture makers of the House of Plenty haven’t been sitting around doing nothing either! Take a look.

It’s nice to have a building and all, but to be able to make something useful of it we cannot do without furniture. A team of designers, furniture makers and other volunteers are constructing furniture out of recycled materials and all kinds of leftover things.

Our ‘interior team’ (Karin, José, Linde, Sasja, Marcel and Michiel) just finished the benches, so at least we can sit down! Karin about the progress on the benches: “José and I have been working diligently on the benches (see photo below). All we need to finish it are wheels and a dab of transparent finish!”

Now they can set to work on the other furniture! Karin explains that together with creative centre ‘West de Nonnendaal’ she is working on a couch out of parts of a dresser. “Conrad is the chairman of the committee and he is the organizer of Nonnendaal. Robin Dirksen is the head of the sewing department. Ibrahim sews the pieces of leather for the couch together.”

Where are we so far?
She adds: “We’re making progress on the leather, but due to the thickness of the leather we’re out of needles. We’re currently waiting for new ones. Conrad is looking for someone who wants to build the sidetables. He’ll contact me if there is any news.

Lovely, guys! Check out the photos below to see the results of their diligent work so far. More information about Conrad and Robin from creative centre West de Nonnendaal will follow.

Meubelmaker José aan het werk

Puur handwerk


Lopende band?

Eindresultaat meubelmakers

Bankjes in de werkplaats