April 18: time for the finishing touch!

We bouwen een duurzaam huis met spullen die over zijn

April 18: time for the finishing touch!

10 juni 2013 English blog 0

Romanian student GabriellaNow it’s time to finish the House of Plenty. Our builders are working on the “details”, the toilet, kitchen and service unit!

The construction of the House of Plenty has been built, inch by inch, during the past winter. Since we reached the highest point, on January 23rd, the construction of the building moved forward quick as lightning. We’ve celebrated every small victory, such as the construction of the windowstills, ceiling and floor and electricity.


This week it’s time to finish the interior. The toilets are almost finished. We’ve got doors and lights, but the walls still need to be constructed. And we’ve delineated the kitchen and service unit, so we only need to finish the construction.


Joris and Michelle provided us with doors. Maarten Postma is still helping us out with the transport of the building materials. All these generous people and helping hands, we couldn’t do without them! Robbert Tannemaat will provide us with 50 meters of PVC pipes for the electricity. Mmm, maybe a good candidate for the “Helping Hands of the Week”? Just like Joris and Michelle?

Apart from Geert, Juul, Modest, Ralf, Ronald, Sjak, Olav and Ruud even a Romanian student from Amsterdam, GabriĆ«lla, supports us with the construction. If she’ll show up more often, she might make it to the “Helping Hands of the Week” as well.