August 25th: We did it after all!

Unfortunately last Friday evening the House of Plenty has been destroyed by a terrible fire. The damage was so severe that the House had to be demolished right away. Of course we are very sad about the loss of the House.

However, the fact that we have made it is more important. The House of Plenty project has been finished successfully, regardless of what happened last weekend. We are grateful that so many people have joined the project or donated stuff which was abundant.
Together we have shown that it is possible to build a house without money. Together we have shown that people like helping each other. Together we have shown that everything is possible, as long as you really want it to be possible. Together we have shown that we live in an era of abundance.

The journey we went through cannot be taken away by anyone. We only wanted people to help who really wanted to help, and in their own way. Therefore nothing is lost with the demolition of the House of Plenty. Working on the project has made everyone happier, better and stronger. The only thing that is lost is the workplace.

We are still allowed to make use of the lovely site until 2016. We will still make use of it and we will encourage the growth of initiative with the use of our powerful network, though at this point we do not know how.

On the 14th of September the grand opening was to take place. We will still throw a party on that date, because we want to celebrate our success and the fact that we, people, can do so many good things as long as we want to. We want to share this feeling with all of you. See you soon!

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