June 25th: Helping Hands of the Week: Liesbet Rabbinge

Liesbet just wants to do something different. She loves building and she thinks the House of Plenty is “a good idea”. Normally she comes over together with Bert, but when I talk to her Bert is unfortunately not present.

In daily life Liesbet Rabbinge is an independent interior designer. She has worked at the Waarmakerij at the Tooropstraat a couple of times, but that didn’t really work out for her “I have to make a lot of phone calls and moreover, I prefer werking with a desktop computer because I need a large monitor to be able to visualise things. Taking a desktop to the Waarmakerij is a bit complicated.”

What is your share in the House of Plenty project?
“Bert and me, we always build together”, she says. “At home I’m always working on something as well.”Liesbet Rabbinge in the House of Plenty When I ask her if she has joined the interior team as well, she shakes her head. “No”, she says. “I like a bit of variation, so I prefer doing something different than what I do in my profession.” She points at the skirting in the House of Plenty. “I made that.” As I am talking to her, she is holding a brush, ready to get her hands onto the window-stills.

Why do you contribute to the House of Plenty project?
“I like to construct things and the House of Plenty is a great idea”, she explains. “I try to throw away as least as possible. It’s cool that the House of Plenty is made without spending anything. Without the use of money.”

Wat What do you need, what are you looking for? Maybe a reader can help you out?
“Actually I don’t really need anything”, she says after a long pause. This automatically answers the question “Which forms of abundance are you confronted with in your work and life?”. So then all we need to do is thank her: “Thanks, Liesbet, for your support and effort!”

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