House of Plenty

We bouwen een duurzaam huis met spullen die over zijn

The House of Plenty is an eco-friendly structure built entirely out of leftover materials. The construction is realised by a team of volunteers, professionals and entrepreneurs. The project is irrefutable proof that sustainable collaboration is a more powerful resource than money.

The House of Plenty is currently being constructed in Nijmegen, near the River Waal. As part of an effort to create more space for the river, a trench is being dug adjacent to the Waal, which will result in the formation of an ‘island’. The land is provided free of charge by the local council, which is planning to use the house to accommodate foreign guests.

Conceived by the Waarmakerij, the House of Plenty will be built entirely out of common leftover materials and refuse (old paving tiles, wooden pallets, door frames, etc.) sourced from the street or donated by individuals or corporations who would otherwise consign their unwanted items to landfill or stock.

In addition, by utilising innovative technology, the structure will be self-sufficient. Solar panels and mirrors to bounce back extra light are all part and parcel of this experimental, eco-friendly building. Not only is the house composed of discarded materials but, perhaps more importantly, it will be built by a social network of volunteers sharing their knowledge and skills.

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Social Network

This social network is, in fact, at the very core of the project and proves that it is not money, but the concerted action of people and resources which enables people to create something of value.

The house will become a place where people can meet to exchange thoughts and share expertise; a place to grow social value, where social and sustainable ideas take pride of place. In turn, this will facilitate a gigantic social network that will disseminate its time, energy, experience and expertise for nothing. The House of Plenty is currently under construction. After it will be completed, Nijmegen will have a sustainable hub welcoming everyone who wants to create new value for society, where knowledge and help can be given to all who need it. A new co-working hub, designed and created without any form of formal organisation.

7 Days of Inspiration

The House of Plenty project is part of 7 days of inspiration, a project devised to bring innovative social values to the Netherlands.

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What do we need?

Here’s what we think we need to realise the House of Plenty: the wish list. The wish list is only available in Dutch, but if you want to contribute to our project (in the form of the provision of building materials, your own carpenting skills or coffee making talent, you name it), please contact us!