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Only our memories remain

May 17th, 2012: The birth of the House of Plenty

May 17th, 2012: The birth of the House of Plenty

14 januari 2014

January 14th, 2014

The area where the House of Plenty was located is now clean and empty again, ready to be returned to the municipality.
The terrace of the House has been demolished and the remains of the foundation has been removed.
The adventure of the House of Plenty has now ended. Everything which was still at the location has been removed. It now seems as if nothing has ever happened on the Bemmelse Dijk in Lent. It’s just as it was before.
This is how we should think about everything in the world: “Leave your footprints, take only pictures.” Our footsteps will be washed away at the first flood, when the area will be used for the “Space for the River” project. But the pictures and everything we’ve been through will remain. Our memories will not wash away.


August 25th: We did it after all!

Unfortunately last Friday evening the House of Plenty has been destroyed by a terrible fire. The damage was so severe that the House had to be demolished right away. Of course we are very sad about the loss of the House.

However, the fact that we have made it is more important. The House of Plenty project has been finished successfully, regardless of what happened last weekend. We are grateful that so many people have joined the project or donated stuff which was abundant.
Together we have shown that it is possible to build a house without money. Together we have shown that people like helping each other. Together we have shown that everything is possible, as long as you really want it to be possible. Together we have shown that we live in an era of abundance.

The journey we went through cannot be taken away by anyone. We only wanted people to help who really wanted to help, and in their own way. Therefore nothing is lost with the demolition of the House of Plenty. Working on the project has made everyone happier, better and stronger. The only thing that is lost is the workplace.

We are still allowed to make use of the lovely site until 2016. We will still make use of it and we will encourage the growth of initiative with the use of our powerful network, though at this point we do not know how.

On the 14th of September the grand opening was to take place. We will still throw a party on that date, because we want to celebrate our success and the fact that we, people, can do so many good things as long as we want to. We want to share this feeling with all of you. See you soon!

July 11th: Helping Hands of the Week: Karin of the interior team

Karin van de Ven workingVan dik houtInterior designer Karin van de Ven is one of the people who has been part of the interior team from the very beginning. Because Karin van de Ben does wonders for our interior team, she is our Hands of the Week.

Karin van de Ven has also decorated the display window of theGroene Hert to promote the House of Plenty. At the moment she is busy with coordinating the interior group and designing and assembling furniture for the House. A couple of items have already been moved to the House of Plenty. Lees verder

Jot down in your diary: September 14th!

Jot down in your diary: September 14th!

Here we go! On the 14th of September 2013 the House of Plenty will officially be opened by means of a party!
We’ve been calling, mailing, hammering, sawing, sandpapering, transporting, lugging, working, fitting and measuring, but especially laughing! In all weathers, at day and night, with or without snow. We’ve been buckling down and now it’s finished!

Artistieke foto Huis van Overvloed

©Ralf van Tongeren, Architect Platform M3

The House of Plenty is ready for use and we will celebrate this at the end of the summer.

The Grand Opening
On the 14th of September we will throw a party for all fellow workers and supporters at the House of Plenty. More information is to follow, so keep track of this website, Facebook and Twitter for updates. In the meantime we will continue the preparations for the party and finish furnishing of the House of Plenty.

June 25th: Helping Hands of the Week: Liesbet Rabbinge

Liesbet just wants to do something different. She loves building and she thinks the House of Plenty is “a good idea”. Normally she comes over together with Bert, but when I talk to her Bert is unfortunately not present.

In daily life Liesbet Rabbinge is an independent interior designer. She has worked at the Waarmakerij at the Tooropstraat a couple of times, but that didn’t really work out for her “I have to make a lot of phone calls and moreover, I prefer werking with a desktop computer because I need a large monitor to be able to visualise things. Taking a desktop to the Waarmakerij is a bit complicated.”

What is your share in the House of Plenty project?
“Bert and me, we always build together”, she says. “At home I’m always working on something as well.”Liesbet Rabbinge in the House of Plenty Lees verder

June 19th: Helping Hands of the Week: carpenter Stijn

June 19th: Helping Hands of the Week: Carpenter Stijn

Carpenter Stijn with a solar panelCarpenter Stijn Arnoldussen is subject to the Helping Hands of the Week. His handshake is ferm and he clearly knows how to keep working. He was born in Nijmegen and after living in The Hague for years, he has returned to his roots. “Networking is not my strongest point”, he says. “That is why I joined the House of Plenty.”

On the evening when the solar panels are being placed, he is there. “I am now the only one who is still able to do some mathematics” he says jokingly. “Geert [van Nispen] has had a long day and he says he’s no longer able to do the calculations.” Lees verder

June 13th: Painting as a team excursion

Hustle and bustlePainting as a team excursion, Pro Persona (the Dutch branch organization of health care institutions) did it! 40 people came to the House of Plenty and in a couple of hours this small army had taken care of the painting!

Sandra is a Social Psychological Nurse. She co-ordinates the team excursion. Lees verder

June 10th: Transplanting grass and Janise Ebbertz

A while ago Janise Ebbertz laid sods of grass on the mound of the House of Plenty. Owing to circumstances she is now the Helping Hands of the Week. Transplanting grass definitely deserves some attention! And so does her terminal project, which will receive attention on the 20th of June. Janise Ebbertz and grass transplantation

Janise is a student of ‘cultural and social education’ (CMV) at the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN). Lees verder

May 24th Helping Hands of the week: Gerrit Box for his water pump

Gerrit Box and his daughter at the House of PlentySometimes someone has a look at the House of Plenty and asks: “What do you need?” One day Gerrit Box of Kilian Water in Wageningen came to the House of Plenty with his daughter, as a result of e-mail and phone contact with Juul about the possibilities of using groundwater for the house. A water pump is necessary to be able to do so.

Lees verder

A view from above

Paul Spaaij of Videair.nl has made use of the nice weather. During his flight with his paraglider he has made some photos of the House of Plenty.

The photos illustrate well how quick the building process is moving forward. The hard work is gradually beginning to pay off. Lees verder

Juul bij TEDx


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