June 19th: Helping Hands of the Week: carpenter Stijn

We bouwen een duurzaam huis met spullen die over zijn

June 19th: Helping Hands of the Week: carpenter Stijn

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June 19th: Helping Hands of the Week: Carpenter Stijn

Carpenter Stijn with a solar panelCarpenter Stijn Arnoldussen is subject to the Helping Hands of the Week. His handshake is ferm and he clearly knows how to keep working. He was born in Nijmegen and after living in The Hague for years, he has returned to his roots. “Networking is not my strongest point”, he says. “That is why I joined the House of Plenty.”

On the evening when the solar panels are being placed, he is there. “I am now the only one who is still able to do some mathematics” he says jokingly. “Geert [van Nispen] has had a long day and he says he’s no longer able to do the calculations.” Stijn werkt die avond samen met Geert (from Bouwcab) and Marcel (from 100% Zonnig, Wijchen) when placing the solar panels. They get the job done in one night. Good job!

What is your share in the House of Plenty project?
Stijn has its own company, which is called Stijn De Timmerman (Carpenter Stijn). “About 34 years ago, on the 9th of June 1979, I was born in Nijmegen. I just moved from The Hague and I live in the disctrict the Wolfskuil.”

Because he had to build up a new network, as most of his connections live in the west of The Netherlands, he joined the social workplace. There he bumped into Karin van de Ven, who is part of the interior team of the House of Plenty. “I met her on Friday, and in the afternoon I was already sitting in the Waarmakerij. One day later I was working at the House of Plenty together with Juul”, according to the energetic carpenter.

Stijn places the solar panelsWhy do you contribute to the House of Plenty project?
“The consumer society hurts my eyes”, he says with a serious and indignant look. “I have worked with multimillion pound industries, who get rid of more than I am able to buy in a whole year!”

Which forms of abundance are you confronted with in your work and life?
I guess I have just answered this question.

How are you dealing with abundance now?
Stijn gets his measuring rod and sorts out where the supports for the solar panels should be placed. “I came to the House of Plenty a year too late”, he comments. “The House of Plenty is almost finished.” Stijn is obviously a monosyllabic man. A couple of days after our conversation I note that he has helped Karin van de Ven with making furniture for the house. His answer to the next question is brief:

What do you need, what are you looking for? Maybe a reader can help you out?
“Jobs that have to do with wood.” So readers: if you need a competent carpenter who knows how to roll up his sleeves, think of Stijn Arnoldussen.